Voices of Hodgkin’s Blog
Voices of Hodgkin’s Blog
Voices of Hodgkin’s Blog
Five Ways to Make a Difference as a Cancer Survivor
If our conference has inspired you to DO something, there are several ways that you can use your cancer experience and your voice to make a difference.
Understanding and Addressing Medical Gaslighting: A Call for Compassion in Healthcare
Have you ever felt dismissed or belittled by a healthcare provider? You describe your symptoms, but the response is indifferent, dismissive, or skeptical, leaving you questioning your own experiences.
The Value of Standing Still
The Value of Standing Still- by Maria Sarath Ragucci
A book review and personal thoughts from a fellow Hodgkin's survivor, Maria Sarath Ragucci.
On Complementary Therapies
Whenever I meet another long-term Hodgkin lymphoma survivor, sooner or later the conversation turns to therapies we have tried in order to improve various conditions plaguing us as a result of late effects.
4 Steps to Staying Informed Without Getting Anxious
Hodgkin’s International–and our online Facebook support groups–has a wealth of  information about late effects from treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma. However, managing your anxiety, while learning about late effects can be a challenge.
The Five Most Important Things to do as a Long-Term Survivor of Hodgkin’s lymphoma
If you’re a Hodgkin's lymphoma survivor, it's likely that you remember every detail of your medical journey. Whether it's the surgeries, chemotherapy, infusions, or hospital stays, these experiences are often ingrained in your memory. However, as time goes on, these memories may become distorted or fade into the background of your everyday life.