Voices of Hodgkin’s Blog
Voices of Hodgkin’s Blog
Voices of Hodgkin’s Blog
The myth of survivorship
Jerry Cornacchio
I titled this article 'The Myth of Survivorship' to highlight the need for active participation in our lives rather than just surviving. I don't see myself as a survivor because it implies a passive role, as though I am a victim of disease and circumstances beyond my control.
Epic experience in the Colorado Rockies
I had the chance to attend Epic Experience, a life-changing adventure camp for adult cancer survivors, held in the Colorado Rockies, in July 2021. I had applied two years prior, and after submitting an application, medical records, and clearance from my doctor, I received confirmation that I would be attending in July 2020.
Surviving Hodgkin’s, surviving Covid 19
Lori contracted the Covid 19 virus (CV19) in 2021. Her initial symptoms included a low-grade fever and some chest tightness with breathing. She was transported and admitted to the hospital after calling 911 on day three of symptoms.
On finding a new way to eat, and getting a new lease on life
Karla Guererri
More than thirty years after radiation treatment–huge amounts of crudely aimed cobalt radiation to the mantle field–some serious late effects had come at me in full force, one after another.