I’m a ‘Syringe Half-Full’ Kinda Girl
The Irish Times –

Meet Sheilagh Foley, a Hodgkin’s survivor with a familiar tale to tell, and she does it so beautifully. Hodgkin’s International was mentioned as a resource, and we are thrilled to have the “shout out!”

Overview of Cancer Survivorship Care for Primary Care and Oncology Providers
Up To Date –

This is a “must read” paper for survivors and medical providers. It is exactly what is needed in the world of cancer survivorship–a comprehensive template for insuring that survivors get the care that they need. Download it, pass it on, place it in the hands of your doctors and caretakers.

Cardiovascular Care of Pediatric Cancer Survivors: Mitigating a Lifelong Risk
HemOnc Today –

Cardiovascular screening is critical for Hodgkin Lymphoma survivors. Anthracyclines and radiation put childhood cancer survivors at higher risk for heart failure and heart disease.

The Rise of the Expert Patient in Cancer: From Backseat Passenger to Co-Navigator
American Society of Clinical Oncology Journal –

Long-term survivors have been using the internet to understand their Late Effects for years. The value of self-advocacy is highlighted in this article.

A Conversation with Childhood Cancer Survivor & Musician Ryan Hamner
Coping With Cancer Magazine –

Ryan Hamner is a four-time Hodgkin’s survivor, musician, and author. Like many of us, Ryan has experienced some of the Late Effects of his treatment, including cardiac problems.

Life After Cancer: More Survivors Live Longer, Face New Health Challenges
USA Today –

​More cancer patients live longer. Few get the help they need to stay healthy. 50-year Hodgkin Lymphoma survivor, Susan Leigh, describes the challenges of long-term cancer survivors.

As the War on Cancer Turns 50, Earlier Diagnoses and Treatments are Saving Lives

A wonderful history of the “War on Cancer” and includes several quotes from Dr. Vincent DeVita–one of our Hodgkin lymphoma heroes! Also mentioned in the article is our “own” Susie Leigh, fellow long-term Hodgkin lymphoma survivor.

Hodgkin’s International Receives $10,000 Grant
Martha's Vineyard Times –

Hodgkin’s International is grateful for the Movement Condo Team and being chosen to be this year’s GraceWorks recipient.

Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivors: We Need to Do Better
ASCO Connecion –

In this issue of the Journal, de Vries and colleagues examine the cause-specific late mortality among a multi-center Dutch cohort of Hodgkin lymphoma survivors.

Lymphoma – Hodgkin: Late Effects of Treatment –

This article describes some of the long-term effects of treatments for HL, including second cancers, fertility complications, thyroid problems, heart and lung damage, and emotional distress.