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Voices of Hodgkin’s Blog
Voices of Hodgkin’s Blog
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Cancer Today –

Oncologists and researchers increasingly focus on how to predict, treat and monitor for cardiovascular problems that develop before and after treatment.

In The US, Cancer Survivors Form A Vocal Community. In Switzerland, Some Patients Want To Change A Culture of Silence.
NZZ (New Journal of Zurich) –

In the U.S., cancer patients must often be their own health care advocates. This has helped create a community of cancer survivors that offers the long-term support Swiss patients lack. A visit with doctors, activists and patients in Chicago and Bern.

Even in remission, childhood cancer is rarely ‘done.’ A survivor’s building community around ‘long effects.’

This week’s Joy Beat honoree is proof that even in the darkest of times, when life throws you its biggest challenges, there are people who can turn moments of adversity into joy. Erin Cummings joined GBH’s All Things Considered host Arun Rath to discuss her organization and how it has helped cancer survivors find community.

Survivorship: A Personal Story
Bag It Cancer –

In honor of National Cancer Survivors Day on Sunday, June 2nd, Bag It’s own Mikey Shock has shared her personal journey of coming to terms with being a cancer survivor.

Glendale Woman Beats Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Breast Cancer Twice
12News (KPNX-TV, NBC) –

12News (KPNX-TV, NBC) features survivor, Dorothy Lynn Boddy and Hodgkin’s International.

This Mass. woman beat cancer as a teen. Her fight was just beginning.
Mass Live –

Roughly 50 years have passed since Erin Cummings beat cancer as a high school student.

Only a Word?
Coping Magazine –

This is a wonderful, short essay by a woman whose survivor experience has made her think twice about how she perceives herself.

Can We Talk? When to Leave and When to Stay in the Doctor-Patient Relationship
Cancer Culture –

In this insightful and intriguing essay, Dr. Stacey Wentworth looks at how to evaluate the doctor-patient relationship. She offers some key guidelines for helping survivors determine if they are in the right place, with the right person, at the right time.

Cancer Survivors Can Get Tired of Being Called ‘Strong’
Cure –

The author hits the nail on the head with this one. This short piece beautifully and concisely describes yet another of the emotional battles that cancer survivors endure.

Four Steps You Can Take To Manage Your Post-Cancer Fears
Coping Magazine –

Here is a brief article on a subject that we know all too well. It seems to be virtually impossible to escape the “post cancer fear” phenomenon, no matter how well you may be feeling. It may be even more difficult for those of us who continue to experience the late effects of treatments. As the wonderful Roseanne Roseannadanna used to say, “It’s always something!” Owning those fears, as it turns out, could be part of turning the corner.