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Voices of Hodgkin’s Blog
Voices of Hodgkin’s Blog
What happens to you when you get the ‘good’ type of cancer?
Irish Medical Times –

Sheilagh Foley travelled to Boston to the Hodgkins International Symposium to learn more about how other patients recover from this ‘good’ cancer’, and finds solace and support from doctors and other patients dealing with the disease.

Even in remission, childhood cancer is rarely ‘done.’ A survivor’s building community around ‘long effects.’

This week’s Joy Beat honoree is proof that even in the darkest of times, when life throws you its biggest challenges, there are people who can turn moments of adversity into joy. Erin Cummings joined GBH’s All Things Considered host Arun Rath to discuss her organization and how it has helped cancer survivors find community.

Glendale Woman Beats Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Breast Cancer Twice
12News (KPNX-TV, NBC) –

12News (KPNX-TV, NBC) features survivor, Dorothy Lynn Boddy and Hodgkin’s International.

This Mass. woman beat cancer as a teen. Her fight was just beginning.
Mass Live –

Roughly 50 years have passed since Erin Cummings beat cancer as a high school student.

I’m a ‘Syringe Half-Full’ Kinda Girl
The Irish Times –

Meet Sheilagh Foley, a Hodgkin’s survivor with a familiar tale to tell, and she does it so beautifully. Hodgkin’s International was mentioned as a resource, and we are thrilled to have the “shout out!”

Hodgkin’s International Receives $10,000 Grant
Martha's Vineyard Times –

Hodgkin’s International is grateful for the Movement Condo Team and being chosen to be this year’s GraceWorks recipient.