Your gift is important to Hodgkin’s International.

Were you diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma? Was someone close to you diagnosed? Do you need to find a connection with others who are having a similar experience as you or simply “get it?” Hodgkin’s International was established to be that place –not your hospital or physician’s practice, but a community of individuals who seek useful information, friendship, and understanding.

Thank you.

As a small non-profit organization, we depend on the generosity of those who appreciate what we have built and are enthusiastic about our next steps:

  • to communicate more professionally about a comprehensive list of topics
  • to obtain technology so that we can provide sophisticated presentations and virtual meetings
  • to hold regional and national meetings featuring top experts
  • to collaborate with other organizations, including on clinical research

Those are our goals; your gift will move us closer to achieving them.

Donate in honor of our fellow survivors

The funds we raise will provide us the opportunity to hire staff and obtain the necessary technology to insure that we reach Hodgkin’s survivors wherever they may be, anywhere in the world. We will be able to offer printed material as well as digital content on our website. We will be able to make connections with like organizations, share information, and participate in research projects. Our long-range plans include the ability to help fund research that is specifically designed to study long-term effects. It is our mission not only to care for our fellow survivors but to make sure that the next generation of survivors does not suffer the way we have.

Hodgkin’s International has lost several members of our survivorship community over the past couple of years. These people are our true heroes–courageous, determined, beautiful souls. They were all part of the very foundation of our organization and the reason that we will continue to keep fighting for ALL survivors of Hodgkin lymphoma.

If you prefer to mail your donation, our mailing address is:

Hodgkin’s International
47 N William Street
Vineyard Haven, MA 02568

Hodgkin’s International is registered as a non-profit under 501(c)(3). EIN: 81-4969582.

Meet Dolly Griffin

Dolly Griffin, co-founder of Hodgkin’s International and forever “patron saint,” passed away in September, 2016. She was one in a million. We wouldn’t be “here” without her.