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Five Best “Perks” of Being a Long-Term Hodgkin’s Survivor

By Erin Geddis Cummings

Being a Hodgkin Lymphoma survivor may come with its share of challenges, but there are some unexpected benefits that come with it as well. Here are a few to remember and embrace.

You are a mystery

Unlike some other cancers, you may never have an answer as to why you had Hodgkin lymphoma. So…make one up! When someone asks about your Hodgkin’s, you can have some fun with your response. Whether you come up with a creative answer or choose from pre-written options such as, “an alien took over my body,” “I got it from petting my iguana,” or “a wicked witch cast a spell,” your response will be unique and intriguing.

You glow in the dark

This perk is handy and you can use it to your advantage, like finding your way to the bathroom or impressing friends in a dark parking lot. You are like a human night light.

You save time on personal hygiene

If you’re a woman, you’ll never have to worry about underarm hair again, saving you time and money on razors, shaving cream, and waxing.

You have a gorgeous, slender neck

Radiation treatment will elongate your neck, making you look like a swan, without the need for multiple diamond chokers or a silk ascot.

You’re part of a “heroic club”

You’ve accomplished something incredible and are part of a special community of survivors. You have persevered, even when every inch of you wanted to give up. At gatherings with fellow Hodgkin’s survivors, you get to gab about replacement parts, like aortic valves, stents, and breast implants. While your “normal” friends are toasting each other’s good fortune, you are thriving in the company of your fellow warriors, just happy to be alive.

Yes my fellow Hodgkin’s survivors, it’s not all doom and gloom! There are things to celebrate, and silver linings in just about everything. Just hang on to your sense of humor, keep your head up (even if you need scaffolding to do it!), and always remember that your “tribe” has your back. And your skinny neck.

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